The Benefits of Becoming a Partner

WPRC partners have the opportunity to shape the whey protein story to help grow the science and global market for whey protein. Your organization will be part of a shared (and extremely credible) voice that positions whey as a protein with unique whole body benefits. As a partner, your organization will have...

  • A Voice. Full members can hold leadership positions, participate in committees and task forces, and, along with Associate members, exercise their voting rights to help set the strategic direction for whey protein science and communications.
  • Access WPRC offers members exclusive networking opportunities among industry professionals, scientists and healthcare professionals.
  • New Science Members receive exclusive access to upcoming WPRC research studies prior to publication for use in marketing and science communications.
  • Updates WPRC keeps members up-to-date with The Right Whey updates highlighting newly published and presented research, market data and industry news.
  • Resources. The Whey to Help Achieve a Better Body Composition toolkit was designed to help health and fitness professionals, scientists and researchers learn about and help educate their clients and patients about the effects of whey protein on body composition and weight management.

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